Peak Atlas LCR45

LCR and Impedance meter

Peak Atlas DCA75

Advanced Semiconductor Transistor Analyzer


Adapter for Testing SOT23 Parts

Complement your DCA55 or DCA75 Advanced Semiconductor Analyzer


Peak Atlas DCA55

Semiconductor Transistor Tester

Peak Atlas ZEN50

Semiconductor Diode Tester

Peak Atlas ESR70

ESR Meter

Peak Altas LCR40

Passive Component Analyzer

Blue ESR Kit

ESR / Low Ohms Meter Kit (Battery not included)

Blue ESR Assembled

ESR / Low Ohms Meter Fully Assembled (Battery included)

Blue Ring Tester Kit

Ring Tester Kit (battery not included)

Blue Ring Tester Assembled

Ring Tester Fully Assembled (Battery Included)

Peak Atlas SCR100

Thyristor and Triac Tester

Midwest Capacitor Wizard

Analog ESR Meter

Solid Core 22 Gauge 100ft Spools

100ft Spool of 22G Solid hook-up wire.

10-Piece Test Lead Sets

Alligator jumper kits can be used for wiring of prototype circuits.

Bench Anti-Static Mats with Ground Cords

Velleman Bench Anti-Static Mats 

Sn63Pb37 Solder With Flux

100 grams, Diameter: 1mm.

High Quality Desoldering Pump 6.4"

Desoldering Pump 6.4"

Desoldering Pump Spare Tip

Nylon replacement tip.

Sn40Pb60 Solder With Flux

100 grams, Diameter: 1mm.

Field Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cord

Velleman AS9 Field Anti-Static Mat

Hands-Free Magnifier

Illuminated Hands-Free Single Loupe

20W Fixed Temp Soldering Iron

Low cost 20W Fixed Temp Soldering Iron

Variable Temp Soldering Iron

60W Variable Temp Soldering Iron

Cen-Tek Multimeter

Palm Size Digital Multimeter

Helping Hands 4X Magnifier

Helping Hands bench magnifier.

2-Contact Flat Molded Power Connectors

2-contact molded connectors with red/black wire

PCX Parrot Test Leads (pair)

Pair PCX Parrot Test Leads.

PCM Parrot Test Leads (pair)

Pair PCM Parrot Test Leads.

PCM Parrot Jumper Lead.

PCM 2mm Parrot Jumper Lead.

Switchable Scope Probes

65-250MHz, X1-X10 Switched


New product!

Peak Atlas LCR45

The LCR45 is a great enhancement of the popular LCR40. Bringing finer measurement resolution and advanced mathematical analysis to your workshop gear.


"I appreciate the great service, the kit went together extremely well. I am very impressed with the quality of the PC board and how well the meter works". - Peter